Congratulations! You’ve decided to compete! You are about to embark on a journey that only .01% of the population has traveled. It will be one of the most difficult journeys of your life. You will sacrifice everything. You will feel exhausted and want to quit. You will also find a mental strength that will give you the power to get through ANYTHING. You be part of an elite group of people that will become your family and you will have a special connection with each person as they have all suffered and triumphed along your same journey.
The bodybuilding program in the following pages is information never found before in one place. Whether you are a bodybuilder, bikini competitor or any other division, this plan will help you place higher, feel more comfortable, be more prepared and help you achieve your goals much sooner. They say there are no secrets, but if there are, they are in these pages.

Thoughts from Center Podium founder Chris Minnes about the sport… and donuts.

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Chapter 1

Choosing a Show
bodybuilding program, workout program, excersise program

Chapter 2

bodybuilding program, bodybuilding diet, bodybuilding food

Chapter 3

bodybuilding program, bodybuilding life

Chapter 4

bodybuilding program, bodywork

Chapter 5

bodybuilding program, bodybuilding supplements

Chapter 6

bodybuilding program, peak week

Chapter 7

Peak Week
Bodybuilding Program, stage

Chapter 8


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