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IFBB Russia Moscow Bodybuilding Международный чемпионат в Москве, Россия





For the first time, the IFBB Pro League will award SEVEN IFBB PRO CARDS in Russia creating a way for Russians to compete at the Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic. Center Podium Productions partners with 4x Ms. Fitness Olympia, Oksana Grishina to bring Russians the opportunity to turn pro and begin their journey to the Mr. Olympia stage. The contest is open to athletes from any federation and from every country. No IFBB or NPC membership will be required in the first year!

Open overall winners of any 2019 Center Podium show will receive FREE registration and 3 nights at our host hotel for free at this event!

Two of the seven IFBB PRO CARD winners will be entered into a contest that will award them THREE Free hotel nights, free tanning, and free registration at the IFBB Legion Sports Festival in Long, Beach, California. Invitation letters will be offered to help to obtain an American Visa to compete.



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Friday, November 2019

4:30 PM Registration and weigh/height-in for Men’s Bodybuilding, Classic Physique,  Fitness, and Women’s Physique. Located in the Izmailovo Alpha.
6:15 PM All Competitor MANDATORY meeting Located at Izmailovo Alpha.
6:30 PM Registration and height-in for Bikini, Figure, and Men’s Physique. Located at Izmailovo Alpha.

Saturday, November 2019

9:00 AM Doors open to public for Pre-Judging for all Divisions at The Izmailovo Hall
10:00 AM Pre-Judging
5:00 PM Doors open for finals at the Izmailovo Hall
6:00 PM Finals for all Divisions.


Same for Pre-Judging & Finals

Fitness Teen
Fitness Open

Figure Masters’ 45+
Figure Masters’ 35+
Figure A
Figure B
Figure C
Figure D
Figure Overall

Fitness Teen Awards
Fitness Open Awards

Teen Classic Physique
Classic Physique Master’s 35+
Classic Physique Novice A
Classic Physique Novice B
Classic Physique Novice C
Classic Physique Novice Overall
Classic Physique A
Classic Physique B
Classic Physique C
Classic Physique D
Classic Physique Overall

Women’s Physique Master’s 35+
Women’s Physique A
Women’s Physique B
Women’s Physique C
Women’s Physique Overall

Men’s Bodybuilding
Master’s Over 60+
Master’s Over 50+
Master’s Over 40+
Novice Lightweight
Novice Middleweight
Novice Heavyweight
Novice Overall
Open Bantamweight
Open Lightweight
Open Middleweight
Open Heavyeight
Open Super heavyweight
Super Heavyweight
Open Overall

Men’s Physique Teen
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 45+
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 35+
Men’s Physique Novice A
Men’s Physique Novice B
Men’s Physique Novice C
Men’s Physique Novice Overall
Men’s Physique A
Men’s Physique B
Men’s Physique C
Men’s Physique D
Men’s Physique E
Men’s Physique F
Men’s Physique Overall

Teen Bikini
Bikini Novice Overall
Bikini Masters’ 35+
Bikini Master’s 45+
Bikini Novice (A)
Bikini Novice (B)
Bikini Novice (C)
Bikini A
Bikini B
Bikini C
Bikini D
Bikini E
Bikini F
Bikini Overall


Oksana Grishina & Robin Change Discuss

Competitor Prep Information


Situated just steps from Partizanskaya metro station, “Izmailovo” (“Gamma”, “Delta”) is the unique hotel complex in Russia, consisting of 3 and 4-star hotels. Surrounded by Izmailovo Park and Izmailovo Kremlin, its location puts Moscow travelers in an ideal setting for blending work and play, from where it takes just 10 minutes by metro to get to the very heart of Moscow – to the Red Square and the Kremlin.

The hotel boasts 2000 of cozy guest rooms of different categories. Modern and developed infrastructure makes it “City within the City”. At guests’ disposal there are 16 restaurants and bars of Russian and international cuisine; bank, post office, shops, gym, SPA, luggage storage. Highly-professional concierges will always recommend what to visit in Moscow and will take care of museums, exhibitions, taxis, and airplane and railway tickets.



Izmailovo Hotel & Concert Hall

Izmaylovskoye Shosse, 71к5, Moskva, Russia, 105613

All activities including weigh-ins, meetings, tanning, and the show take place at the Hotel Izmailovo

Moscow Airport Information

Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO)

Airport Shuttle:

Visit www.airportshuttles.com/sheremetyevo for shuttle options.

Moscow Metro

You can ride the Moscow Metro for less than $1. It does require serval changes. You can find metro directions here. For American travelers, you can print a map in English.


VIP Tickets

VIP Tickets give you access to BOTH Pre-Judging and Finals with one price. Best seats and special VIP line.



Pre-Judging is where the action happens. Watch the athletes live judged. Doors open at 9:00 AM. Show at 10:00 AM.

Coming Soon

Finals Tickets

See the routines and find out who will go home with the gold and IFBB Pro League Status! Doors at 5:00 PM. Show at 6:00 PM



Do I need to qualify for this event?

No, qualification is required.

Do I need an NPC Membership?

No, in 2019, no federation membership is required. This may change in 2020.

Can I also compete in other federations?

Yes! You can compete in any federation. You will NOT be banned, punished, or marked down if you compete in another federation. We believe you have the right to compete anywhere you like and support your passion to compete on any stage.

I am pro or “elite” in another federation, can I compete in the IFBB Pro League?

Yes but you have to give up your pro or “elite” status first.

Contact the IFBB Pro League office to rescind your status with the other organization and receive permission to compete in the IFBB Pro League. You will not be automatically granted IFBB Pro League PRO status, you will have to earn IFBB Pro League PRO status as this is typically a much higher level of competition than any other leagues. After all, it is the only path to the Mr. Olympia!

Do I need to be a Russian citizen?

No, the IFBB Russian International Championship is open to competitors from every country in the world.

Are there any other contests in Russia affiliated with the NPC or IFBB Pro League?

No, in 2019, the IFBB Pro League Russia International Championship will be the ONLY event in all of Russia that is associated with the NPC and IFBB Pro League. You can learn more about this in Check out some clips. with J.M. Manion and Chris Minnes.

We have noticed that some federations are using NPC and IFBB Pro League video and images, however, they are using this media without authorization and have no affiliation with the NPC or IFBB Pro League.

Currently, there are plans to add at least two new IFBB Pro League events to Russia in 2020 by established IFBB Pro League promoters.

Do I need a visa to travel to Russia?

It depends on where you are a citizen. There are 34 counties that do not require a visa. You can view them here. Visa policies often change so be sure to check with your embassy to verify if a visa is required.

If you are American, YOU NEED A VISA. You must use a third party to set up your visa. It is a little unnerving the first time as you must send your passport to the Russia Embassy via the third party. We have used the website www.rushmytravelvisa.com with much success. Be sure to begin the process at least 45 days prior to travel to avoid extra fees.





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