Episode 1

IFBB Pro Bodybuilders work with their new and demanding coach, Ms. Olympia, Oksana Grishina. Russian-born, Oksana seems sweet but make no mistake, she is stronger than most men, flexible and as any gymnast and has a vision that will not be swayed. IFBB Pro Bodybuilders Brad Rowe, Jerome Ferguson, and Vladimir Sizov push the limits as these beasts attempt the grace of ballet.

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Episode 2

One of the guys quits. The show must go on so producer Chris Minnes jumps in. The guys sound skeptical about Oksana’s praise.

Episode 3

Shakey start. Jerome has amnesia. Oksana gets frustrated as things are not going according to plan.

Episode 4

Lou Ferrigno pays the guys a visit and the fellas get a bit flustered!

Episode 5

Oksana shows up with the costumes. Jerome contemplates a potential wardrobe malfunction.

Episode 6

The last practice before the big performance at the NPC West Coast Classic!

Performance Sizzle

The video that played in the showroom at the NPC West Coast Classic prior to the guys going on stage.

Final Performance

The final performance at NPC West Coast Classic on June 17, 2017
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