Taboo – Center Podium Original Series
IFBB Figure Pro Bojana Vasiljevic & Bikini Pro Tamara Haddad have the pedal to the floor on their Road to the Olympia. Nothing is off limits when it comes to these classy IFBB pros! Sick of the puppies and rainbows of the Instagram “stars”? Get the real story from real pros as they prepare to battle for the most coveted title in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.
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Episode 1 – Eat, Train, Brutal Honesty

In this episode, the girls train hard, give you some tips on diet and get some real feedback from Ferrigno Legacy Producer Chris Minnes.

Episode 2 – The girls feel the pain.

Contest prep can hurt! Bojana gets the painful lesson of the importance of bodywork while Tamara can’t believe it’s not butter.

Episode 3 – Life’s a beach at Horney Corner!

The Olympia is less than a week away; tension and nerves are on overload. After a sweaty one-on-one posing session the girls hit the beach. As the sun sets, Tamara and Bojana explain where they find their center to keep the self-imposed pressure of the biggest contest in the world from getting inside their heads.

Episode 4

The Moment of Truth at the Olympia

After an exhausting peak week the time had finally come. Olympia weekend was finally here. Much love and support from all around but how close will they come to winning that Olympia crown??? Will their prep get them to their goals or will they need to refocus, replan or event retire? How will the girls stack up to the best in the world? Find out now!

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