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Full Bodybuilding Shows

View bodybuilding videos of past years of the Ferrigno Legacy, Tahoe Show & NPC West Coast Classic


IFBB Figure Pro Bojana Vasiljevic & Bikini Pro Tamara Haddad have the pedal to the floor on their Road to the Olympia. Sick of the puppies and rainbows of the Instagram “stars”? Get the real story from real pros as they prepare to battle for the most coveted title in the world of bodybuilding and fitness in this original Center Podium Series.
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Contest Prep

Your guide to competing. Complete Contest Bodybuilding Program with Workouts, Diet, Food & Supplements.
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Various types of supplement cycles, options and info.
Bodybuilding videos, bodybuilding food

Bodybuilding Food

Recipes to make your mouth water and abs peeled by Kendal Lou Schmidt
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Bodybuilding Workout Videos & Detailed Bodybuilding Program


Tahoe Show

The NPC Tahoe Show, known as “The Most Beautiful Show in the World” takes place each August at the South Shore of Lake Tahoe. Everyone loves Lake Tahoe and our venue is first class making it more than a bodybuilding show but also a perfect vacation getaway. Visit to see why this Center Podium event is the biggest and most anticipated NPC show in Northern Nevada and California.

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Ferrigno Legacy

The NPC & IFBB Ferrigno Legacy takes place each November. It is every bodybuilder’s mini-vacation in Palm Springs, California! 2018 brings the addition of the FLEXPO, a 130,000 square foot multi-sport expo with powerlifting, pole fitness, strongman, CrossFitt and over 30o vendors. Visit to see why this Center Podium event is the biggest show in California and a top destination for athletes.

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NPC West Coast Classic

The NPC West Coast Classic takes place each June in Riverside, CA. People love the free seminars with Jay Cuttler, Chris Cormier and other fitness experts plus the free expo that takes place all day. The 1920’s Opera house is the Los Angeles area most prestigious venue for any bodybuilding show. Visit to see why this Center Podium event is the most talked about show in Los Angeles.

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Oksana Grishina
Oksana Grishina
3 X Ms.Fitness Olympia, 2014-2016 and 3 X Ms.Fitness International, 2014-2016. Catch here on the original Center Podium Series, “The Fitness OGs” beginning in February.
Lou Ferrigno
Lou Ferrigno
Bodybuilding Legend. Mr Universe, Mr. America, Mostly known for “The Incredible Hulk” movie. Co-founder of the Ferrigno Legacy.
Bojana Vasiljevic
Bojana Vasiljevic
IFBB PRO ATHLETE, OLYMPIAN 2016, University of Belgrade Alum for Professional Sports Study. IFBB Figure Pro and Olympian.

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