2019 NPC New Mexico State bodybuilding contest show


September 26, 2020 | Albuquerque, New Mexico




The Carr Cellular Fitness NPC New Mexico State Open is a premier fitness event that features an NPC National Qualifier bodybuilding contest, fitness vendors, and guest performances!  The fitness extravaganza is brought to you exclusively by Center Podium Production. Celebrity fitness guests include Guest to be announced, Judged by IFBB Pros Bojana Vasiljevic and Austin Karr, head judged by Olympia Head Judge, Sandy Williamson!

Winner of 2017 best NPC promoter, Center Podium is known for a seamless organization, first class judging, no politics, and over the top production! Every competitor will feel like a star, and even if you don’t place as high as you hoped, you’ll still go home feeling like it was the time of your life.

The venue is the Route 66 Casino where we built an all-inclusive experience. Check-ins, make-up, meetings, tanning, and competition all take place in one location.

We bring you National level judges. You’ll get not only the best judging in the NPC but you will get feedback from the very judges who will be judging the top NPC Pro Qualifiers.

All Overall winners will receive a free entry and 3 nights hotel at our IFBB Pro Qualifier in Moscow, Russia!

▶️ Watch the video to see what a Center Podium event is all about!

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Friday, September 25, 2020

12:00 PM Tanning at Route 66 (Meeting Room)
3:00 PM Free Seminar with Olympia and head judge Sandy Williamson. (Showroom)
5:00 PM Registration and weigh/height-in for Men’s Bodybuilding, Classic and Women’s Physique (Showroom).
6:15 PM All Competitor MANDATORY meeting (Showroom)
6:30 PM Registration and height-in for Bikini, Figure, Wellness, and Men’s Physique (Showroom)

Saturday, September 26, 2020

All Events in Showroom

9:00 AM Doors open to public for Pre-Judging for all NPC Divisions
10:00 AM Pre-Judging
5:00 PM Doors open for finals
6:00 PM Finals for all NPC Divisions. ***OPEN Overall winners, please stay until the end for group photos.

Order of Classes

Same for Pre-Judging & Finals

Figure Masters’ 45+
Figure Masters’ 35+
Hero Figure (Military, Police, Fire, or EMT)
Figure A
Figure B
Figure C
Figure D
Figure Overall
Teen Classic Physique
Classic Physique Masters 35+
Classic Physique Masters 45+
Hero Classic Physique (Military, Police, Fire, or EMT)
Classic Physique True Novice
Classic Physique Novice A
Classic Physique Novice B
Classic Physique Novice Overall
Classic Physique A
Classic Physique B
Classic Physique C
Classic Physique D
Classic Physique Overall
Women’s Physique A
Women’s Physique B
Women’s Physique Overall
Master Men’s Bodybuilding Over 60
Master Men’s Bodybuilding Over 50
Master Men’s Bodybuilding Over 40
Hero Bodybuilding (Military, Police, Fire, or EMT)
Novice Men’s Bodybuilding Light Weight
Novice Men’s Bodybuilding Heavy Weight
Novice Men’s Bodybuilding Overall
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Bantamweight
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Lightweight
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Middle
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Light Heavy
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Heavy
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Super Heavy
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Overall
Men’s Physique Teen
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 45+
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 35+
Hero Men’s Physique (Military, Police, Fire, or EMT)
Men’s Physique True Novice
Men’s Physique Novice A
Men’s Physique Novice B
Men’s Physique Novice Overall
Men’s Physique A
Men’s Physique B
Men’s Physique C
Men’s Physique D
Men’s Physique E
Men’s Physique F
Men’s Physique Overall
Teen Bikini
Bikini Masters’ 35+
Bikini Masters’ 45+
Hero Bikini (Military, Police, Fire, or EMT)
Bikini True Novice
Bikini Novice (A)
Bikini Novice (B)
Bikini Novice (C)
Bikini Novice Overall
Bikini A
Bikini B
Bikini C
Bikini D
Bikini E
Bikini F
Bikini Overall

Wellness Masters’ 35+
Wellness Novice
Wellness A
Wellness B
Wellness C
Wellness Overall

Competitor Stage Presentation Guide


Host Hotel

We arranged discounted hotel rates at our host venue AND hotel, Route 66 Casino.

To book, call (505) 352-7829 and mention the New Mexico State Open Bodybuilding show.



VIP Tickets

VIP Tickets give you access to BOTH Pre-Judging and Finals with one price. The best value and best seats compared to all ticket options.  First ticket orders are placed in premier seats. You will skip the box office and go directly to the VIP line.

Pre-Judging Tickets

Pre-Judging is where the action happens. Watch the athletes live judged.
See how your eye stacks up to the judge’s and try to predict who will win. Book Online and choose your own seats! Doors at 9:00 AM. Show at 10:00 AM.

Finals Tickets

See the routines and find out who will go home with the gold!
Book Online and choose your own seats! Doors at 5:00 PM. Show at 6:00 PM


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