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In the old days (like last year) you’d pay $60 for a DVD of the show. Often the DVD wasn’t even the full show! And who the heck watches DVDs anymore? You want it on-demand and viewable everywhere. Now you can have access to EVERY SHOW in its entirety for $9.95.

Coaches can be expensive and good contest prep info is hard to find!

As producers of the world’s best bodybuilding shows, we see a lot of people that need a coach, yet can’t afford it.  There are great coaches and if you can afford one, great! But we want to offer you information that we know is complete, accurate and backed my both experience, clinical research, and medical doctors. These programs are tested and have turned countless people pro and into Olympians. We include the Prep Guide as part of the prices!


We have included all Center Podium Produced shows, many training videos, and seminars. Plus original TV content like the “OG’s of Venice Beach” with Ms. Fitness Olympia, Oksana Grishina as she preps four IFBB pro bodybuilders for a performance you’ll have to see to believe!

New Content

Expect to see new content all the time. We are lucky to have a relationship with some of the world’s top athletes and legends so expect to see content here that you won’t get anywhere else.


It’s just $9.95 a month or save 16% and pay $99.95 for the whole year.


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