“Become Something Bigger Than Yourself”

We are a coalition of passionate individuals working together to create something bigger. To build a new community of athletes equipped with the knowledge to achieve the maximum potential of their body and mind. Together we will create fitness culture that would have made Arnold envious. In the end, you will be your best, you will be part of the best and together we will share the hearts of a champion.

We create fitness experiences. Our shows are known as, “First in Class”. We have specific guidelines that elevate our production and experience:

  • Use high-end venues and showrooms
  • Epic destinations
  • Sloped audience seating
  • No vinyl on stage
  • Hotels within walking distance
  • Custom trophies
  • Competitor gift bags
  • Immersive vendor experience
  • Epic stage
  • Excessive and meticulous communication
  • Celebrity partnerships
  • Entertaining production and performances
  • One-stop shopping for competitors with all your contest needs in one location
  • Unique brands and experience
  • High-end hotels
  • Best price and value
  • Personalized customer support

Center Podium founder Chris Minnes speaks about the competitor mindset and donuts.


Event Production

We produce the some of the top NPC/IFBB Events including the Legion Sports Fest, Tahoe Show, Dexter Jackosn Classic, NPC Mother Lode, & NPC West Coast Classic. Join us at our events for an experience you will not find anywhere else.

Exclusive Video Content

We produce ordinal TV shows. Scheduled content includes a series with Oksana Grishina 3x Ms. Fitness Olympia and contestant on “American’s got Talent”.  Also ongoing training series with a number of IFBB Pros, health experts, specials seminars plus LIVE STREAMED events. Visit our TV Page to find out how you could be our next star!

Contest Preparation Resources

Our goal is to show you what even some of the coaches don’t know. We give you the information and formulas to create an exact customized program for yourself. A plan for each step toward your contest date. No more “broscience” and voodoo, just facts and data resulting from decades of research with Pro athletes in connection with medical study.

Show Consulting

We have created increases in show revenue for existing shows of as much as 800% in a matter of months. If you have just one NPC Show, we can help you turn it into revenue that will allow you to quit your day job. Contact chris@centerpodium.com for more information.