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Riverside Convention Center |Fox Performing Arts Center




Presented by Elite Fitness Training

We have big plans to continue our tradition of blowing the roof off the place! The 2019 show will include an EXPANDED EXPO at the Riverside Convention Center. Expect appearances from your favorite IFBB pros and celebrities including JAY CUTLER, MARK ANTHONY, JENNIFER DORIE, DANNY HESTER, & BOJANA VASILJEVIC. The expo will be packed with vendors, supplement deals, seminars, and now will offer Armwrestling and Powerlifting!

Produced by Center Podium Productions with legend Lonnie Teper, the NPC WEST COAST CLASSIC, presented by Elite Fitness Training, is Southern California’s largest NPC National Qualifier. We offer a full range of classes for both first-time novice and more advanced amateur athletes. Whatever your level, you will love how everything is conveniently located so that once you arrive, you never have to drive! The host hotel, venue, tanning, make-up, registration, expo, and after-party are all located within an easy, short walk. We meticulously plan the competitor experience so that it is easy and stress-free! All Overall winners will receive a free entry and 3 nights hotel at our IFBB Pro Qualifier in Moscow, Russia!

Don’t go far after the show because right next door is the Riverside Food Lab that contains a dozen boutique restaurants under one roof!

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Jay Cutler Returns


The NPC West Coast Classic Expo has grown! We’ve moved the expo and NPC Pre-Judging into the Riverside Convention Center. It will also include 60 vendor booths, USAA Armwrestling, and USPA Powerlifting! As always, it will be loaded with celebrities like JAY CUTLER, MARK ANTHONY, OKSANA GRISHINA, and many more!

NPC West Coast Classic Riverside California Bodybuilding Contest

NPC Pre-Judging

Armwrestling contest California


Powerlifting meet in riverside California Los Angles

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Riverside Fit Expo California NPC



Expo Events and Schedule

More than a bodybuilding contest, we showcase 50 of the best health & fitness companies plus provide seminars and activities that will help you achieve your fitness goals. New for 2019 is USAA Armwrestling!

The expo is June 22 and located at the Riverside Convention Center at 3637 5th St, Riverside, CA 92501.

9:00 AM EXPO Opens
9:00 AM Doors Open for NPC Pre-Judging at the Expo
9:30 AM Bikini Posing Clinic with an IFBB Pro Jennifer Dorie. Scheduled early so competitors can fine tune their posing before Pre-Judging at Armwrestling Stage. – Free with Expo ticket.
10:00 AM NPC Pre-Judging Begins – Expo Bodybuilding Stage
10:00 AM USPL Powerlifting Meet begins at the Powerlifting Stage.
10:15 AM Men’s Physique Posing Seminar with Mr. Olympia Mark Anthony. Scheduled early so competitors can fine tune their posing before Pre-Judging.  At Armwrestling Stage .– Free with expo ticket.
11:00 AM Figure Posing Seminar with IFBB Pro Bojana Vasiljevic. At Armwrestling Stage .– Free with expo ticket.
12:00 PM Classic Physique Posing with Mr. Olympia Danny Hester – Free with expo ticket
1:00 PM USAA Armwrestling Begins
2:30 PM Seminar with Mr. Olympia, JAY CUTLER! – Free with expo ticket
4:30 PM Doors Open for NPC Finals at the Fox Theater
5:00 PM Expo Ends
5:30 PM Finals Begin at the Fox Performing Arts Center
SWAT Fule NPC Boydbuildng Mother lode Reno Nevada
One % nutrtion NPC Boydbuildng Mother lode Reno Nevada
Fit Body Fusion Contest Prep
ELITE Fitness npc contest prep

Vendors Also Include:

Carr Cellular Fitness, SWAT Fuel, ONE% Nutrition, Elite Fitness Training, Icon Muscle, Team CTN, Quest Nutrition, Team Hard Body, Simply Pressed Nutrition, Buff Bake, Muscle Egg, Muscle Monster, Reigning Fury, Allmax, Sunset Swimwear, X Bands, Muscle Egg, Supp Nation, Celebrity Centre, Nutrishop Riverside, and more!


Friday, June 21, 2019

5:00 PM Check-in & registration for Men’s Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Women’s Physique, Fitness. Located at the Riverside Convention Center, on the lower level in Meetings Rooms 1 -3.
6:15 PM Mandatory meeting for all competitors.
7:00 PM Check-in & registration for Bikini, Figure, Men’s Physique. Located at the Riverside Convention Center, lower level, in Meetings Rooms 1 -3.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

9:00 AM Doors open to the public for Pre-Judging for all NPC Divisions at the Located at the Riverside Convention Center, Raincross Ballroom.
9:00 AM EXPO Opens
10:00 AM Pre-Judging
4:30 PM Doors open for finals at the Fox Riverside Performing Arts Center
5:30 PM Finals for all NPC Divisions.
5:00 PM Expo Ends
11:00 PM Show ends and everyone grubs next door at the new Riverside Food Lab!
Competitor Prep Information

Order of Classes

Same for Pre-Judging & Finals

Fitness Routines
Figure Masters’ 45+
Figure Masters’ 35+
Figure A
Figure B
Figure C
Figure D
Figure Overall
Teen Classic Physique
Masters’ Classic Physique 35+
Classic Physique A
Classic Physique B
Classic Physique C
Classic Physique D
Classic Physique Overall
Women’s Physique A
Women’s Physique B
Women’s Physique C
Women’s Physique Overall
Men’s Masters’ Bodybuilding 60+
Men’s Masters’ Bodybuilding 50+
Men’s Masters’ Bodybuilding 40+
Novice Men’s Bodybuilding Light Weight
Novice Men’s Bodybuilding Middle Weight
Novice Men’s Bodybuilding Heavy Weight
Novice Men’s Bodybuilding Overall
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Bantamweight
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Lightweight
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Middle
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Light Heavy
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Heavy
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Overall
Men’s Physique Teen
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 50+
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 45+
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 35+
Men’s Physique True Novice
Men’s Physique Novice A
Men’s Physique Novice B
Men’s Physique Novice C
Men’s Physique Novice Overall
Men’s Physique A
Men’s Physique B
Men’s Physique C
Men’s Physique D
Men’s Physique E
Men’s Physique F
Men’s Physique Overall
Teen Bikini
Bikini Masters’ 45+
Bikini Masters’ 35+ (A)
Bikini Masters’ 35+ (B)
Bikini Masters’ 35+ (C)
Bikini Masters’ 35+ (D)
Bikini Master’s Overall
Bikini True Novice
Bikini Novice (A)
Bikini Novice (B)
Bikini Novice (C)
Bikini Novice (D)
Bikini Novice (E)
Bikini Novice (F)
Bikini Novice Overall
Bikini A
Bikini B
Bikini C
Bikini D
Bikini E
Bikini F
Bikini G
Bikini Overall


NPC Pre-Judging, Armwrestling, Powerlifting, and the Expo all take place at the Riverside Convention Center, located a few steps from the host hotel.

NPC Finals is at the stunning Fox Theater. The fully remodeled, 1,646 seat, 1920’s Opera House style, showroom’s pristine is apropos for the some of the California’s hardest working bodybuilders, bikini, fitness, and physique athletes. When you step on the NPC West Coast Classic stage, you will be on a stage that is truly worthy of your hard work.


Host Hotel Hyatt Place Riverside/ Downtown

Perfectly situated 1 block from the venue. As check-ins, tanning, make-up, the expo, and show are all within 1 block, there will never be a need to get in your car. Valid on  June 20-24, 2019.

To Book


Booking Cutoff Date
Discount reservation valid through MAY 20, 2019


1 King Bed: $149.00

2 Queen Beds: $159.00

*Room rates are quoted exclusive of taxes, which are currently 13.195%

The Resort Fee includes the following goods and services:

Hot and Cold Breakfast Buffet, 6:30 – 9:00 AM weekday and 7:00 – 10:00 AM weekend (Valued at $15.00)

Free High-Speed Internet, complimentary everywhere in the hotel (Value at $12)

Free Local Phone Calls

Complimentary public computers and printer; 24 hours

Complimentary Fitness Center, 24 hours

Discounted parking $8.00 (value of $12.00)

In-room refrigerator



Riverside Convention Center

3637 5th St, Riverside, CA 92501



Fox Riverside Performing Arts Center

3801 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501

FOR TICKET INFO CALL: Venue Phone: 951-779-9804


VIP Tickets

VIP Tickets give you access to BOTH Pre-Judging and Finals with one price. The best value and best seats compared to all ticket options. First ticket orders placed getting the premier spots.
You will skip the box office and go directly to the VIP line. You will not need a physical ticket.

Expo & Pre-Judging

Expo tickets include access to the Expo, NPC Pre-Judging, USA Armwrestling, and USPA Powerlifting.
Doors at 9:00 AM. NPC Show begins at 10:00 AM.

Finals Tickets

See the routines and find out who will go home with the gold!
Book Online and choose your own seats! Doors at 4:30 PM. Show at 5:30 PM


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